Lady’s finger broth,bhindi bhaji,ladies finger soup,bendakaya pulusu

LADY'S FINGER BROTH OR BHINDI BHAJI The lady's finger broth is also called lady's finger soup or bendakaya pulusu or bhindi sabzi or bhindi bhaji or bhindi soup or okra soup. Lady's finger soup is one of the nutritious healthy vegetable soup. They contain dietary fibre, carbohydrates, proteins, some vitamins and minerals. The main sources [...]

Chana dal coconut fry/senagapappu kobbari koru/chana dal recipe/sensgapappu vepudu

CHANA DAL COCONUT FRY OR CHANA DAL RECIPE This is a very delicious Indian fry recipe. The chana dal coconut fry is also called senagapappu kobbari koru vepudu or chana dal nariyal bhaji or bengal gram coconut fry or besan dal grated coconut fry. This fry is very good for healthy nutrition. The main sources [...]

Groundnut chutney /Inian recipe/peanut chutney recipe/chutney/chutney recipe/palli chutney/verusenaga pachadi

​GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY, PEANUT CHUTNEY RECIPE, VERUSENAG PACHADI Groundnut chutney is also called palli pachadi or palli chutney or peanut chutney or moongphali chutney or verusenaga chutney. Peanut chutney is prepared from roasted dry groundnut seeds. Palli chutney is a mildly spicy chutney that can be used for idli, dosa, moong dal dosa and some other [...]

Egg curry/Indian recipe,Kodi guddu ukkiri/egg recipe/egg onion fry

INDIAN RECIPE, EGG CURRY, EGG RECIPE Egg onion fry is a delicious Indian recipe. The main contents of this fry are eggs and onions. They are good for healthy nutrition. Egg cake curry, egg tomato curry, egg potato curry, egg coconut curry, egg drumstick curry, egg drumstick soup, wheat flour egg dosa, bread omlet, egg [...]

Indian biryani,Chicken biryani,biryani recipe,dum biryani

CHICKEN BIRYANI, INDIAN BIRYNI RECIPE This is a delicious masala Indian recipe. The main contents of chicken biryani are chicken pieces, rice and spice. Garam masala Masala recipes Sankranti special recipes Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati CHECKEN DUM BIRYANI CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI Ingredients for Indian biryani, chicken dum biryani recipe 1. [...]

Cooking drumsticks/drumstick masala curry/ drumstick recipe

COOKING DRUMSTICKS OR DRUMSTICK MASALA CURRY Drumstick curry, drumstick masala curry, drumstick tomato curry, drumstick potato curry, drumstick brinjal curry, drumstick coconut curry, drumstick masala fry, sambar with drumstick, drumstick soup, drumstick brinjal soup drumstick lady's finger soup and drumstick potato masala curry are made with drumsticks. These are some of delicious Indian curries. They [...]

Potato curry in telugu/aloo curry/bangaladumpa koora/how to make potato curry for chapati in telugu

POTATO CURRY OR ALOO CURRY Potato curry is a delicious Indian curry for chapati, puri and parota. The main sources of this curry are potatoes and onions. Potatoes contain many nutrients which are useful for our healthy nutrition. Potato tomato curry, potato fry, potato masala curry, potato masala fry, potato brinjal curry, potato drumstick curry and potato [...]

Drumsticks broth/drumstick soup/soup recipes/munagakaya pulusu

SOUP RECIPES OR DRUMSTICK BROTH Drumstick soup is a delicious Indian food recipe. The main sources of this soup are drumsticks, tamarind and onions. Drumsticks contain many nutrients. Hence they are good for heathy nutrition. Drumstick tomato curry, drumstick masala curry, drumstick tomato soup, drumstick brinjal curry, drumstick potato curry and mixed vegetable curry are [...]

Potato masala fry/potato recipes/bangaladumpa vepudu/aloo masala fry

POTATO RECIPES OR POTATO MASALA FRY Potato masala fry is an Indian food dish. The main sources of this curry are potatoes and curry masala. The potatoes have many nutrients which are useful to our healthy nutrition. Potato tomato curry, potato fry, potato masala curry, potato curry for chapati and mixed vegetable curry are also [...]