Moong dal tomato curry ,Indian food,Pesarapappu tamata koora/moong dal tomato recipe/green gram dal tomato curry

MOONG DAL TOMATO CURRY, INDIAN FOOD Moong dal tomato curry is a vary delicious Indian food dish. This curry contains moong dal or green gram dal and tomatoes. Green gram dal and tomatoes have many nutrients. They are good for healthy nutrition. Moong dal sorrel spinach curry, moong dal ridge gourd curry, moong dal bottle [...]

Ajwain chutney/Indian chutney/chutney/vamu pachadi/ajwain seeds chutney

INDIAN CHUTNEY OR AJWAIN CHUTNEY Ajwain seeds chutney is a delicious Indian chutney. The main sources of this chutney are ajwain seeds, red chillies, onions and tamarind juice. Ajwain chutney is also called vamu pachadi. Rice recipe like ajwain rice is also made with ajwain seeds. Ajwain soup is also made with ajwain seeds. Ajwain [...]

Mixed vegetable curry /kalagura/Indian food/veg mix curry/vegetable recipe

INDIAN FOOD, VEGETABLE MIX RECIPE The mixed vegetable curry is a very important traditional Indian curry. Mixed vegetable curry is a very delicious curry. Mixed vegetable curry contains drumsticks, brinjals, potato, fresh coconut, capsicum and tomatoes. They contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and some micro nutrients. They are very useful for our healthy nutrition. Mixed vegetable [...]

Brinjal chutney,vankaya pachadi,brinjal recipe/baingan pachadi/eggplant chutney

BRINJAL CHUTNEY OR EGGPLANT CHUTNEY Brinjal chutney is a very delicious Indian food cuisine. The main sources of this chutney are brinjals, tamarind juice and seasoning ingredients. Brinjal chutney is also called eggplant chutney or vankaya pachadi or roasted brinjal chutney or burnt brinjal chitney ot baingan chutney. Brinjal curry, brinjal tomato curry, stuffed brinjal curry recipe, brinjal mango curry, brinjal [...]

Brinjal curry/brinjal tomato curry/baingan bhaji,vankaya tamata koora,how to make brinjal curry

BRINJAL CURRY, BRINJAL TOMATO CURRY Brinjal curry is a very delicious recipe This is an Indian curry. It is very simple to prepare. Brinjals contain good amounts of essential B complex vitamins and dietary fiber. The brinjal also contain some minerals and antioxidants. This is the one of the most important vegetable. This is a [...]

adida,aadida,adida sweet recipe,Vinayaka naivedyam

ADIDA, AADIDA SWEET RECIPE, VINAYAKA NAIVEDYAM This is a sweet recipe for Vinayaka chavithi. Aadida is a very delicious rice flour sweet recipe. Sankranti special recipes Mixed vegetable curry or kalagura Coconut sooji recipe Chapati Ingredients for adida,aadida sweet recipe,Vinayaka naivedyam 1. Rice - 500 grams ( Soak the rice for 24 hours. Make rice [...]

Red gram curry/food recipe,toor dal curry/muddapappu/kandipappu koora

RED GRAM CURRY, TOOR DAL CURRY  Toor dal curry or red gram fal curry is a very delicious and traditional Indian food. This curry contains high nutritional values. The toor dal curry is also called red gram dal curry or toor dal sabzi or kandipappu muddapappu or kandipappu koora. The main source of this curry [...]

Indian breakfast recipe,puri,poori recipe

INDIAN BREAKFAST RECIPE, PURI Puri is an Indian breakfast recipe. This is a delicious recipe. The main ingredients are wheat flour and water. Wheat flour egg dosa, bulgur wheat upma and cream of wheat upma are also delicious wheat recipes. Breakfast recipe Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes INDIAN BREAKFAST RECIPE, POORI RECIPE Ingredients [...]