Potato recipe/potato tomato curry/potato coconut curry/banagaladumpa koora

POTATO CURRY OR POTATO TOMATO CURRY This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. The potato coconut curry is also called aloo nariyal curry or bangaladumpa kobbari kaya koora or potato tomato curry. The potato coconut tomato curry is good for healthy nutrition. They contain many nutrients. Green broad beans recipe, stuffed brinjal curry, brinjal [...]

Ridge gourd curry/Indian dishes/turai curry/beerakaya koora

RIDGE GOURD CURRY OR TURAI CURRY Ridge gourd curry is very delicious Indian curry. Ridge gourd curries are very popular. This is a popular curry recipe. Ridge gourd is good for healthy nutrition. They contain nutrients. The nutrients in the ridge gourd are good for health. We make curries with the ridge gourd are ridge gourd [...]

RASAM/ RASAM SOUP RECIPE/ tomato rasam recipe

RASAM OR RASAM RECIPE OR RASAM WITH TOMATO Rasam is a soup recipe. This is an Indian cooking recipe. This is an important item for meals. This rasam soup recipe contains tamarind. There are so many types of rasam recipes. They are tomato rasam recipe, rasam with rasam powder, rasam without rasam powder, rasam with [...]

Aloo chana chaat,chaat,aloo chaat,chana chaat, chaat recipe,Indian food,aloo chana chaat recipe

CHAAT, ALOO CHANA CHAAT, CHAAT RECIPE, ALOO CHANA CHAAT RECIPE INDIAN FOOD,ALOO CHAAT, CHANA CHAAT Aloo chana chaat is a delicious food recipes. This is a snack recipe. The main sources of aloo chana chaat are potatoes, white bengal gram and bengal gram flour Aloo chana chaat is a good for healthy nutrition. You can [...]

Bottle gourd recipe/bottle gourd milk curry/sorakaya curry/lauki sabzi/palu sorakaya koora

BOTTLE GOURD RECIPE, BOTTLE GOURD MILK CURRY The bottle gourd recipe is also called lauki ka sabzi or lauki bhaji or lauki recipe or sorakaya koora or anapakaya koora or sorakaya curry. This ia an Indian food recipe. The bottle gourd recipes are good for healthy nutrition. They contain healthy nutrients. The main recipes of [...]

Broad beans fry/chikkudukaya vepudu/fry recipe

BROAD BEANS FRY Broad beans fry is a very delicious Indian food recipe. Broad beans have many nutrients which are useful to our healthy nutrition. Broad beans are green in colour. Broad beans tomato curry, broad beans fry, broad beans masala fry and mixed vegetable curry are also made with broad beans. Brinjal mango curry, [...]

Beans tomato curry,french beans curry,borabateelu koora,beans recipe

BEANS TOMATO CURRY OR FRENCH BESNS TOMATO RECIPE French beans are long and green in colour. Beans tomato curry is an Indian food dish for rice, roti anf chapathi. French beans fry, french beans tomato curry and french beans masala fry are made with french beans. Potato recipe, banana flower recipe, taro root recipe, garam [...]

Cabbage toor dal curry/dal cabbage recipe/ pappu cabbage koora

CABBAGE TOOR DAL CURRY FOR RICE, ROTI AND CHAPATI Toor dal cabbage curry is also known as red gram dal cabbage curry or cabbage papp or kandipappu cabbage koora. This curry is a very delicious recipe and simple to prepare. The main sources of this curry are toor dal and pieces of cabbage. Cabbage moong [...]

Bottle gourd soup/sorakaya pulusu/lauki sabzi/anapakaya pulusu

BOTTLE GOURD SOUP, SORAKAYA PULUSU This is a very delicious Indian curry recipe. The bottle gourd has many healthy nutrients. This is an healthy recipe. The bottle gourd soup is also called lauki ki sabzi or sorakaya pulusu or anapakaya koora or bottle gourd curry. Bottle gourd milk curry, bottle gourd moong dal curry recipe, bottle gourd toor [...]

Methi dal curry/Indian recipes/fenugreek leaves dal curry/menthi kura pappu/dal recipe

INDIAN RECIPES, METHI DAL CURRY Methi dal curry is a delicious Indian food recipe. It contains fenugreek leaves and red gram dal. Fenugreek leaves and dal are good for healthy nutrition. Fenugreek leaves contain many nutrients. Fenugreek soup is also made with fenygreek leaves. You can read dal recipes You can also read Indian cooking [...]