Android P Release Date, Features and What’s new

android p preview

Google unveiled Android Oreo in August, Pixel and Pixel XL, Galaxy S8, Xperia XZ, LG V30, HTC U11 devices received the update and other tech giants are in the process of development for their flagships.

Android P aka Android 9.0 is the upcoming major upgrade for the users which use android devices. Shortly after release of Android Oreo, the Search Giant started the development of the successor of Android O.

In the Android Open Source Project, master-P was started in August and certain commits were made regarding the development. The recently made commits indicate rapid development of the upcoming operating system. Many new features and changes are finding their way to the Android Ecosystem with the Android P update.

The internal codename of Android P is Pistachio Ice Cream and the official codename will be announced in August or September 2018. Now we will roundup all the leaks and rumours about Android P :

Android P : Name

The naming speculation of the next iteration of Android has already started. Unlike Android O, there are many choices for Google to name Android P. We have gathered some famous desserts starting with P, so Android P might be coming with any one of the following names :

1. Android Pancake
2. Android Panna Cotta
3. Android Parfait
4. Android Peanut Brittle
5. Android Peanut Butter Cookie
6. Android Peda
7. Android Popsicle
8. Android Pecan Pie
9. Android Pumpkin Pie
10. Android Pastry
11. Android Popover
12. Android Praline
13. Android Pandoro
14. Android Poached Pears
15. Android Pie

Release Date

The Search Giant released the first developer preview of Android Oreo on March 21st. So the upcoming iteration of Android might come as Developer Preview in March 2018. The Search giant may release atleast four previews of Android 9.0 before the consumer release. The official release of Android 9.0 most likely to take place in August 2018.

What’s new with Android 9.0

Android Oreo brought Notification Channels, Picture in Picture mode, App Background limits for Battery saving and so on. With Oreo, Google introduced new emoji which became very popular in very short time. There is only little information regarding the features of Android 9, but according to leaks, Notch support, Call recording notification, Signal strength changes and some refinements to Multi Window and Picture in Picture features are coming with Android 9.0 P.

Android Material Design

Android Material Design

In Android Oreo, there were incremental visual changes only but no major visual changes. So it seems that the Search giant saves all of the major visual changes for the next iteration of Android. In 2014, Google brought the Material design with Android 5.0 Lollipop and then consistently improved it in Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.

Recently, a report from Bloomberg claims that Android P is coming with a major visual overhaul probably with a new visually appealing design. There is no official confirmation regarding the visual change, but it will be confirmed once Google released the Preview of Android P.

Google released the Android 8.1 update which is the First Maintenance Release (MR1) for Android Oreo. The update contains an interesting feature called as Neural Networks API which is a new way to utilize Machine learning. In the previous iterations of Android, Google introduced many machine learning tools like Tensor FlowLite, Smart Text Selection. But with proper utilization of the Nueral Networks API, developers can do many wonders with their apps.

We expect that the Search Giant further improve the Neural Network API in Android P OS. So in Android 9 OS, we probably see much better machine learning features associated with Neural Network API. In coming days, more details the Neural Network API and Machine Learning of Android P will be revealed.

Notch Support

android p notch support

In 2017, flagship mobiles like iPhone X and Essential Phone arrived with tiny Notch on the top side of screen allocating space for Front Camera and sensors. So the screen to body ratio increased dramatically. But still some major apps and Android OS not supporting the notch visual design. According to some insiders, future Xperia flagship and Essential Phone 2 are coming with top notch with all screen design.

So in Android 9.0 P, Google added the support for Notch, according to the commits made by the developers in AOSP. So in upcoming flagships, Android gives fluid like user experience with special notch support. More details about the Android P notch support will be revealed in coming days.

At this time, anything more than this is just speculative only.

Update on 22/1/2018 :

According to Phonearena and XDA developers, Google lock down some APIs in the upcoming Android P operating system and also forcing tech companies to implement Project Treble. The source says that Google restricts the Android 9.0 P update for the devices that implement Project Treble. Previously, in Android Oreo, Project Treble implementation was optional before rolling out the update, but now Google is making the implementation mandatory before rolling out the update. So in a few years, update rollout will become Google unified Push, which means, when a new Android update released, the update is pushed out to all eligible android devices as soon as possible regardless of the manufacturer.

While some XDA developers digging out the commits of Android P, it has been revealed that some hidden APIs will be restricted from use in the upcoming update. So it will be hard for some developers with Android 9.0 P update. More details about Android P will be revealed in coming days.

We will update this post regularly with news about Android P in coming days.

Update on 2/3/2018:

It seems that the Android 9.0 preview is currently under testing, according to XDA developers. The recent commits in the Android Open Source Project suggest that the Android Developer team members flashed a vendor image of Android P on Google Pixel 2 running on Android 8.1. Due to the Project Treble of Android Oreo, further updates will be dissemenated quickly due to a stable vendor interface.

android p vendor image

So it seems that the release of the first developer preview of Android P is very near and in a few days we can test the most awaited Android update. More details about Android P will be revealed soon.

Update on 4/3/2018 :

According to a famous leakster, Evanblass, Google may release the Android P developer preview 1 in mid-March. We also predicted the same release date for the preview of Android P. According to other predictors, on March 14th which is the Pi day, the Search giant may unveil the first preview of Android 9.0 P.

It is still unclear whether Google releases four of five developer previews before the final consumer release of Android P in August or September.

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