Dal recipes/how to make dal recipe/dal curries/dal fries

DAL RECIPES OR DAL CURRIES OR DAL CURRY RECIPES These are most important recipes in Indian food. These are very tasteful. These are very simple to prepare. These are so many types of dal recipes. Some important dal recipes are here. The dal curries are most important for festivals and other special occasions. Toor dal [...]

Junnu recipe/milk recipes/junnu/cheese/cheese recipe with colostrum milk/colostrum pudding

JUNNU RECIPE OR JUNNU OR CHEESE OR MILK RECIPES Junnu or cheese is a very delicious food and it contain high healthy nutrients. It is a soft and smooth with a creamy texture. The junnu is prepared by the the mixture of colostrum milk, regular fresh milk, sugar and black pepper powder. Cook the mixture [...]

Perugu pachadi,curd chutney,chutney recipe

Perugu pachadi, curd chutney Curd chuney is a delicious indian food recipe for rice and chapati. The main ingredients are sour curd and seasoning things. Curd vada and curd chutney for yellow rice are also good recipes. Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Rice recipes Indian cooking recipes Curd chutney for rice Ingredients for curd chtney 1. [...]

Tomato chutney for dosa,idly,chutney recipe

Tomato chutney for dosa and idly Tomato chutney is a delicious Indian chutney recipe. The main ingredients are tomato pieces and garlic, green chillies and cumin seeds. Tomato chutney for rice, ginger chutney, coriander leaves chutney, ground nut chutney and besan chutney are also delicious chutneys. Tomato recipes Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes [...]

Maida dosa,curd maida dosa recipe

Maida dosa, curd maida dosa recipe Maida dosa is a delicious Indian food recipe. The main ingredients are maida flour and churn curd. Sweet shells, kajjikayalu and rava dosa are also made with maida. Breakfast recipes Chutney recipes Sweet recipes Indian cooking recipes Maida curd dosa recipe Ingredients for maida dosa 1. Maida - 4 [...]

Chana ki dal/recipes of chana dal/chana dal recipes/besan dal recipes/senagapappu koora/chana dal curries

CHANA KI DAL, CHANA DAL RECIPES/ CHANA DAL CURRIES/senagapappu koora Chana dal curries are very delicious Indian dishes. Chana dal is also called bengal gram dal or besan dal or senagapappu. They contain nutrients which are useful for our healthy nutrition. The curries of chana ki dal are very simple to prepare. Some important recipes [...]

Garam masala/powder recipe/curry powder/how to make garam masala

GARAM MASALA, CURRY POWDER Garam masala is a mixture of spice. Garam masala is a one of the masala powder which is used in Indian cuisines. This is also a popular masala powder. Masala make body warm. Garam means warm. Masala means spice. This is a combination of different spice. Roast spice before grinding which [...]

Mixed red chilli powder,chilli powder,chilli powder recipe,how to make karam,koorakaram

MIXED RED CHILLI POWDER MIXED CHILLI POWDER OR CURRY CHILLI POWDER Mixed chilli powder is a mixture of red chilli powder, coriander seeds powder, cumin seeds powder, fenugreek seeds powder, mustard seeds powder, turmeric powder and garlic cloves. Mixed red chilli powder is a very important powder in making curries. This powder give taste to [...]

Indian food,rava kesari boorelu,prasadam boorelu,sooji recipe,semolina sweet/varalakshmi vratham naivedyam recipes

INDIAN FOOD, RAVA KESARI BOORELU, PRASADAM BOORELU, SOOJI RECIPE Rava kesari boorelu are very delicious Indian food recipe. They contain semolina, coconut, sugar, maida and wheat flour. Easy dessert recipes, hai boorelu, coconut milk recipe, rice payasam, rice flour payasam, ragi ladoo, beetroot halwa and pressed rice ladoo are also delicious Indian food recipes. Indian food recipes Sankranti special recipes Mixed vegetable curry or [...]

Cauliflower curry/cauliflower chana dal recipe/Indian food/senagapappu cauliflower koora

CAULIFLOWER BENGAL GRAM DAL CURRY OR CAULIFLOWER CHANA DAL RECIPE For rice, chapati, puri and parota Cauliflower bengal gram curry is also called cauliflower senagapappu koora or cauliflower chana dal curry or cauliflower besan dal bhaji. The main sources of this curry are florets of cauliflower and besan dal. This is a special Indian curry. [...]