Android 8.1 update for Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Xperia XZ1 Android 8.1

Xperia XZ1 is a flagship device from Sony running on Android 8.0 Oreo straight from the box. Sony XZ1 Compact is a small sized version the flagship which is also running on in-built Android 8.0. The next major Android update for these flagship from Sony is the Android 8.1. The upcoming update contains exciting features like neural networks API, Bluetooth battery levels and so on.

Earlier, Google confirmed that the Android 8.1 developer preview is coming in a few weeks. On October 25th, Google released the Android 8.1 developer preview for the beta testers. Currently, the developer preview factory images for Nexus 5X and 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL, Pixel C, Pixel 2 XL flagships. The factory image for Google Pixel 2 isn’t available at the moment. Already Android 8.1 beta rollout through OTA for the registered Pixel and Nexus devices has began.
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According to the official Android Blog, the final Public release of Android 8.1 will take place in December 2017. So Google pushout the Android 8.1 update to AOSP in December. Due to Project Treble of Android 8.0 Oreo, the update rollout will take place shortly after the release. So Sony may start the official rollout of Android 8.1 for Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact devices in January 2018.

Android 8.1 Oreo Features

Android 8.1 Oreo

The preview of Android 8.1 contains new system UI changes borrowed from Pixel 2, Easter egg, SMS connect and some minor features. These features might be refined in the final release and more new features probably be added in the final release. More details about the Android 8.1 features will be revealed in coming days.

Another exciting feature of Android 8.1 is the Neural Networks API which improves machine learning. The Bluetooth battery levels feature of the next iteration of Android shows the battery level of the connected Bluetooth headset in the Quick Settings toggles.

Android 8.1 Redesigned Power Menu

Previously, in Android 7.1, Google brought the Restart button for stock android, although it has been available since a long time to other Android devices with custom skins. Now in Pixel 2 flagship which runs on stock Android 8.0, the Search Giant refined the position and UI of the power menu. The newly designed powermenu coming to Pixel and Pixel XL devices with the Android 8.1 update. LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P devices will also get the refined power menu through the Android 8.1 update.

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Android 8.1 Power menu

In Android 8.1, Power menu with Restart and Power Off options appear on the right edge of the screen rather than on the middle. The beta testers can also activate the Bug report button which appears below the poweroff button in the power menu.

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Buttery smooth User Interface

Android 8.1 smooth scrolling

Smooth scrolling is one of the performance improvements, Android 8.1 brought on-board. A reddit user reported that Google has implemented an additional frame buffer to Android Renderer in Android 8.1 DP to provide buttery smooth scrolling experience to users. Already, Pixel, Pixel 2 users who are playing with the Preview, confirmed the smooth scrolling is working fentastic. But the technical information is yet to arrive from the Google.

The users also reported that the responsiveness has diminished a little bit, due to smooth scrolling. But as this update is under development, we hope the glitch will be fixed in the official release. More details about the performance improvements coming with Android 8.1 will be revealed soon.

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Bluetooth Battery Levels

Android 8.1 bluetooth battery level xperia xz1

This is another useful feature of Android 8.1 Oreo update. Through the Bluetooth battery levels feature, user can easily determine the battery level of the Bluetooth device directly from the homescreen. In Pixel 2, Bluetooth Battery levels appear in Quick settings toggles and can be checked by swiping down with two fingers on the home screen.

In Android 8.1, Google refined this feature much, so the user can check the battery level by simply swiping with one finger on the home screen to see the Bluetooth icon along with the battery level in the Notification bar. So Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact users can check the battery levels of their Bluetooth devices quickly from the home screen after updating to Android 8.1.

We will update this post soon with more details about the Android 8.1 update for Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact.

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