Android 8.1 update for Galaxy S7 and S8 Release Date and Features

Galaxy s8 android 8.1

Google released the Android 8.0 Oreo update in August and Samsung has released the third Beta of Oreo for Galaxy S8, according to Android Authority. The search giant already released the First developer preview of Android 8.1 on 25th, October. So the next big update for the Galaxy S8 and S7 flagships after Android 8.0 Oreo will be Android 8.1. 

In the beginning, the Google App 7.11 APK tear down done by Android Police reveals the code containing details about the Android 8.1 update. The Code has lines containing the following :

platformBuildVersionCode=”27″ platformBuildVersionName=”8.1.0″

It means that the SDK of Android 8.1 is already in the hands of Android App developers. Google is going to increase the API version to 27 in the Android 8.1 update just like Android 7.1. But still nothing is confirmed as new releases always subject to change at any level due to any issues.

Android 8.1 Exclusive Features

Bluetooth Battery levels in Quick Settings

Android 8.1 bluetooth battery levels galaxy s8

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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL flagships unveiled with a feature called Bluetooth Battery levels in Quick Settings. In Android 8.1, Google further improved the feature. When the user swipes down the on the home screen, in Notification bar next to the Bluetooth icon.

So on Android 8.1 platform, users can easily check the Battery levels of their Bluetooth devices directly from the home screen. Actually, Apple brought this feature to iPhones with iOS 9 update. Now the useful feature arrived to Android devices with the Android 8.1 Oreo update. The Search Giant may improve the feature more in Android P aka Android 9.0 operating system

Android 8.1 Redesigned Power Menu

Previously, in Android 7.1, Google brought the Restart button for stock android, although it has been available since a long time to other Android devices with custom skins. Now in Pixel 2 flagship which runs on stock Android 8.0, the Search Giant refined the position and UI of the power menu. The newly designed powermenu coming to Pixel and Pixel XL devices with the Android 8.1 update. LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P devices will also get the refined power menu through the Android 8.1 update.

Android 8.1 Power menu

In Android 8.1, Power menu with Restart and Power Off options appear on the right edge of the screen rather than on the middle. The beta testers can also activate the Bug report button which appears below the poweroff button in the power menu.

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Buttery smooth User Interface

Galaxy s8 android 8.1 buttery smooth interface

Google has been trying to improve the smoothness of the Android UI since the launch of Android 4.1 Jellybean. Through the Triple Buffering of Project Butter, the Search Giant improved the smoothness of scrolling and other things in Jellybean. Now it seems that the Search Giant takes the smoothness another step forward.

According to a reddit user, the smooth scrolling without much frame drop rate in Android 8.1 is due to an extra layer of buffering over the previous Triple buffering. So the UI in Android 8.1 scrolls very smoothly but the responsiveness is slowed down a little bit. As the next update is currently in development stage, we probably see the increase in responsiveness in the final release.

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More Freespace

Android 8.1 also increases free space while system is running low on storage. The system automatically clears the cache of inactive apps to increase free space. Users have nothing to do, android itself clears the cache. So the Galaxy S8 and S7 devices that are low on space will show increase in free space after updating to Android 8.1.

The official change log of Android 8.1 will be revealed in coming days.

Android 8.1 for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 Release Date

Android 8.1 galaxy s7

Google Nexus 5X and 6P devices are getting Android 8.1 update in December, according to Android Official blog. So the final release of Android 8.1 Oreo will be pushed to AOSP in December. So Samsung may start the building of the Android 8.1 update for Galaxy S7 and S8 devices in the end of December.

Previously, Samsung merged the Android 7.1 and 7.0 updates and released as Android 7.0 update for the unlocked Galaxy S7 devices in January 2017. So this time also the South Korean tech giant may release the Android 8.1 update in Q1 of 2018 for its flagship devices.

Carrier locked Galaxy S7 and S8 devices may get the Android 8.1 update in Q2, 2018. The confirmed release dates of Android 8.1 for Galaxy S8 and S7 flagships will be revealed soon.

We will update this post soon latest news about the Android 8.1 update for Galaxy S7 and S8.

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